Teaching Methods


I apply many different teaching techniques to achieve most meaningful learning experience. My teaching involves a variety of methods that encourage students to interactive and collaborative learning in the classroom. I encourage my students to work and discuss in small groups which helps them to exchange ideas easier than any traditional way of teaching. To achieve active participation in the classroom, I exclude my position as a tutor and allow different small groups to ask questions each other, and defend or criticise differing ideas which helps them to think critically and improve their communication skills. I aim to give my students equal opportunity in the classroom and support discussion across different cultures and nationalities. For the sake of summarising main points, I usually give a recap of each lecture at the beginning my seminars.

I also use several visual and audia methods by using internet, social media tools (Twitter, YouTube etc.) and different videos. I plan each modules according to the structure and content of lectures and aim to make easier to apprehend the topic and to build a productive learning environment. I create websites/blogs for some of my modules which contains all necessary information for my students including course materials, reading lists, online articles, group discussion topics and related teaching videos (Please, click here to see one of my blogs). I also prepare online quizzes for my students which are filled fortnightly through their mobile phones, tablets or laptops, which are discussed at the beginning of following seminars (Click here for the details of online questionnaires). I encourage my students to prepare group presentations and/or group posters, and present them in the classroom which create an opportunity for them to learn the topic in advance of the seminars together with their reading materials.

My teaching is not limited to the classroom. I remain available for my students during the working days and via email at all times. I provide feedbacks to my students according to their performance in assignment results, questionnaires, presentations and posters.