I received my PhD in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham. I am a fellow of the Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism (CST).

My PhD project focused on conflict resolution processes towards ending ethno-nationalist conflicts. The research assessed political, non-violent resolution efforts within the conflicts in Northern Ireland and Turkey. The conflict resolution efforts of states, sub-state armed groups and independent third parties have been investigated to reach a comprehensive understanding. My research was funded by the Ministry of National Education, the Republic of Turkey. I hold a BA at the School of Political Science from Istanbul University (Turkey) and a Masters at the School of Politics and International Relations from the University of Leicester (UK).

Currently, I am working on three projects: The first project is Conflict Resolution Processes in Northern Ireland and Turkey, in which I am writing a book and two articles out of my doctoral studies. The second project is the Backchannel Communication Channels in the Contemporary Conflicts. In this project, I aim to explore the influence of covert negotiations in five major ethno-nationalist conflicts in the world: the Northern Irish, Turkey’s Kurdish, Spanish, Colombian and Philippines conflicts. The third project is on the Proxy War in Syria. This project aims to assess how sub-state armed groups are used as a tactical tool by regional and international powers in order to shape the Syrian Civil War. 

You can follow my research updates on my university profile. You can also follow me on Academia, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Twitter.