I received my PhD in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham. I am a fellow of the Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism (CST).

My PhD project focused on conflict resolution processes towards ending ethno-nationalist conflicts. The research assessed political, non-violent resolution efforts within the conflicts in Northern Ireland and Turkey. The conflict resolution efforts of states, sub-state armed groups and independent third parties have been investigated to reach a comprehensive understanding. My research was funded by the Ministry of National Education, the Republic of Turkey. I hold a BA at the School of Political Science from Istanbul University (Turkey) and a Masters at the School of Politics and International Relations from the University of Leicester (UK).

Currently, I am working on three projects: The first project is Conflict Resolution Processes in Northern Ireland and Turkey, in which I am writing a book and two articles out of my doctoral studies. The second project is the Backchannel Communication Channels in the Contemporary Conflicts. In this project, I aim to explore the influence of covert negotiations in five major ethno-nationalist conflicts in the world: the Northern Irish, Turkey’s Kurdish, Spanish, Colombian and Philippines conflicts. The third project is on the Proxy War in Syria. This project aims to assess how sub-state armed groups are used as a tactical tool by regional and international powers in order to shape the Syrian Civil War. 

You can follow my research updates on Academia, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Twitter.