Comments on Teaching


From Reviewers

  • “He was friendly and helpful and the students engaged well, in the main, offering responses to the questions and often drawing on their notes. The sessions was well structured and benefited the students. Overall, I think that Aytac did a very good job and should be commended for the effort he put into this seminar.” Teaching Review by Dr David Gill

Sample Student Testimonies from SET Questionnaires

  • “Very engaging and helpful, and always giving opportunities to ask questions.” – Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • “Every member of the group was encouraged to participate and ask questions. He always helped us to further explain and develop our answers.” – Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • “Fills in the gaps well (if there are any) provides good overview” – Understanding Global Politics
  • He has been a really good seminar tutor as he is very good at ensuring we learn everything we need to know and then tests us accordingly.” – Global Security
  • “I really like the fact that he gives debrief at the beginning of each seminar. Also, the resources needed for the seminar are easily accessible as he has created a blog for global security seminars.” – Global Security
  • “Great idea to create a blog, it is really helpful for better understanding of topics during the semester and revision. Very good presentations were used during the seminars.” – Global Security
  • “He was very focused and clear, and allowed us to develop our ideas with guidance. – Problems in Global Politics